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We have a wider presence in the region especially with Governments business and projects.

Jordan – GAV

GAC and its sister company :Global Ally for Veterinary Services signed an agreement of business development and contracting with the Int’l suppliers

United Arab Emirates UAE

GAC & GAH -UAE partnership in the Middle East region to expand the geo presence of both companies. The main scope of collaboration based on long term scientific and business services that serves the markets to have the best high-tech value services along with innovative solutions.


Strategic partnership with the leading innovative solution for agri-sector to replace antibiotics use in the Animal Production Sector Globally. GAC is leading the company RND in the large animal sector to create new portfolio and launch new products that serves humanity to reduce antibiotics resistance.


Middle East Strategic Partnership and Geo Expansion Sectors: Agri-Business, agricultural sector and related industries.


MENA Strategic Partnership and Geo Expansion Sectors: Outsourcing, Business Management and Consultations.
A breakthrough technology in diagnostics. Our partnership to design and create the road map entrance for key markets in the GCC.


Succession Management and Strategic Partnership Sectors: Food Production, Animal Production, and Regional Exports.

Saudi Arabia

Strategic Business Partnership Sectors: Outsourcing, Retail and FMCG.
GAC is the sister company for TH-The Holding in Jeddah. The GAC Chairman is board member and partner in TH The Holding.


GAC & GAH Strategic Business Partnership in the AH sector. The partnership to expand and launch new strategic portfolio of biotechnology from Japan serving the Egyptian market.


Gunesli the leading Int’l market signed consultation agreement with GAC as Business development and Strategic Geo Expansion partner for MENA Sectors: Agri-Business, agricultural sector, related industries and Production.