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About us

Global Advance Consultation People

Who we are? Global Advance Leadership Team coming from MENA region as we believe in localization and customization business Modeling that fits the growing demand for consultation firms that have the region DNA.

Strategy Crafting, Coaching, Implementing and Monitoring Performance

GAC expertise in the field of crafting strategies, implementing and monitoring performance. We help organizations to increase different functions – operational efficiency, outsourcing, marketing, supply, …etc, by working in collaborative model. We help new MENA market entrants to do the right penetration mode in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region markets through defined strategy and execution plans to achieve the short, mid and long term for our clients.

GAC team coming from regional and Int’l experience in different business sectors. The team have a 25 years’ experience in building, crafting and executing different business solutions and strategies. GAC dedicated experience in “Emerging Markets” provides the added value for our clients to ensure accuracy of information and data required to build any business case in the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and West Asia. Thus, our solution based on Sustainable Business Solution derived from the “Triple Bottom Line Concept” that serves development and growth of People, Business and Environment.

To become a trust and prefered consultancy partner for MENA region enterprise.

GAC will provide a sustainable business solutions through our experts network.

To unleash the limits of the business partners skills, competences and capabilities to gain a leading market position. Consistently, we craft together with organization leadership the business model and strategy to cope with the consistant change. Nevertheless developing strategy map to grow people business and environment based on the ” Triple Bottom Line” concept.